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Nano-Grip Treatment Clients

“The results of your anti-slip treatment at our Burger King have been positive. I spoke with the restaurant manager, and she indicated that her floor has dramatically improved since the application of your Nano-Grip product.”
Burger King

"Since the application, the tile floor is much more slip resistant and considerably improved. We have experienced zero falls and the crew members can really tell a difference.”

"We are very pleased with our floors at Bangor Mall Eye Associates. Ron makes sure that the customer is highly satisfied and happy with the finished project. He takes his time and is willing to go out of his

 way to make sure the project to done correctly. It is very obvious that Ron not only sells a great product, but that customer service is high on his priorities."

Hersey Eye Care

"Ron is very knowledgeable of his product and provides excellent service. Our tiles are constantly exposed to a heavy concentration of Epsom Salt. Ron did rigorous research and testing to make sure his product would be able to suit our needs. When he did the treatment of the floors, he took the extra time to fine-tune his product for the multiple different tiles we have. His work was very clean, and he kept his work site very professional and safety-focused. After he was done, he used a measuring device to make sure the floors had the correct slip-coefficient, and reported the figures to us. The tiles look no different after treatment, but are now not slippery at all. Very cost-effective solution to what could have been a very large future issue. Here at Float 207 we highly recommend Renally's Services!"

Roscoe Witham 

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"Wonderful product at a very reasonable price. Our floors went from disturbingly slippery to perfect! Ron is great at what he does."

Gabe Kingsbury

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“We had a ramp, platform and steps made and when it rained they were slippery. Since Ron from Renally’s Services treated our ramp, platform and steps my husband who has neuropathy in both legs feels safer walking on the ramp, also our dog who was scared of slipping on the ramp wet or dry and after the treatment, she’s going up and down the ramp with no fear. I would recommend this treatment to any one with floors or showers that may be slippery."

Job well done.”Sandra and Charlie Kennerson

"Ron did an amazing job. Our mud room is now slip-free!! Ron really knows his products. He took

the time to explain the whole process. They got the job done on time, with no hidden cost. We highly recommend Renally's Services."

Benjamin Steele

"I initially won a free floor treatment from Renally's Services at a trade event. Ron then came into one of

our new facilities and tested the slip resistance of our tile floors. We hired him to treat all the tile surfaces.

Despite this facility serving multiple elderly people with mobility issues, we've yet to have a single slip and

fall incident. I recently contacted him as one of the surfaces had become a bit slippery due to improper cleaning. He was quick to come on site, demonstrate the use of a deep cleaner to restore the surface, and retest the slip resistance. Ron takes customer service to an entirely new level. If you listen to his advice about how to maintain your flooring, you'll have a safer location with fewer injuries.

Margaret Longsworth

Director of Mental Health and Clinical Services


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